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Catena Labs is on a mission to empower people with agency, safety, value and joy online. We incubate independent products spanning identity, communications, AI and commerce. All our projects share common goals: to improve how we represent our identities, what we own, and how we pay, play, and engage on the internet.

We envision a web that works best for humans rather than gatekeeper institutions which too often enforce misaligned policies on closed networks, extract high fees on proprietary channels, and sell or leak personal information in centralized data silos.

We’ve strived for a more equitable web since co-founding companies such as Circle and incubating technologies like the USDC digital dollar, bootstrapping an identity framework for the next phase of the web, and creating global payment apps and financial infrastructure used by millions of people. In previous years, we delivered apps, games, protocols, languages, frameworks, tools, servers and services spanning consumer mobile platforms all the way deep into the enterprise.

We’re a lean team of experienced builders and operators who deeply value craft. We have worked together for many years, and we’re backed by a select group of world-class investors and advisors who share our vision for a better web.

If you have a similar dedication to well-crafted products that solve big problems, have a look at our OPEN ROLES. We’d love to hear from you.

We’re just getting started.