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Use Codename / Friday to Do More with AI

Go beyond basic chat with powerful, easy-to-create, custom agents that extend generative and predictive AI platforms.
Group Project Lead

Create your own agents (no code required) or find agents in the marketplace.

Establish constraints and secure data connections to align agents with specific tasks.

Configure models ranging from Llama-2, GPT-4, and Stable Diffusion to specialized alternatives.

Personalize persona, style, avatar and knowledge.

Share agents with teams, friends, or the public. Collaborate on agents with others.

Maintain strict privacy and security for your data.

Agents combine large language model (LLM) intelligence with rich data and service connectivity, unique customizable personas, and collaborative potential for taskbots, chatbots, and content generators.
The Power of AI Agents
Friday agents are easy to make and offer a wide range of functionality. Connect multiple agents in a virtual team to execute even more powerful workflows.